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  1. Not only was it fun to read, but BARD is beautiful to look at. Congratulations to the gifted staff (and the gifted advisor).
    – Mike Thibodeaux
    …..[I was of course delighted to see my green blackboard, identifiable by the books under Linh’s elbows.]

  2. Loved seeing this as a Menlo alum that is also involved in an online magazine and would have really enjoyed this kind of outlet in high school. Great job! Keep it up

  3. This entire thing was fantastic. Permit me to love you all to death. And perhaps write you an essay explaining how much every article in this meant to me (especially Amanda’s). I do hope that someday (when the pressures of academia do not asphyxiate and squash the already meager time that I have) I can contribute to this manifestation of all thoughts fabulous.

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