The Bard covers a variety of topics: from body image to sustainability to the issue of sexual harassment, we hope to publish content that manages to display even a fraction of the complex world around us. However, it is ultimately the impact we make on communities beyond our own that matters the most to us. We hope to emphasize this aspect of our mission with the quality of our work; through publishing content that is both informative and entertaining, The Bard aims to reach into the mind of the reader and linger to sprout new ideas, even for just a moment.

If you’re interested in being a part of The Bard staff, please email Andrea Li at andrea.li@menloschool.org

Why are we called the Bard?

In medieval times, a bard was a traveling poet, someone who brought news and culture to the community. The playwright William Shakespeare was called “The Bard,” and although we could never hope to achieve that kind of immortality, as an arts and lifestyle publication, Shakespeare is the kind of cultural icon we aspire to emulate.

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