A Menlo Senior

This is my last year at Menlo, and I feel old. I remember the original, real, art building, with paint on all the walls and floors and ceiling. There were random holes in the wall and nails in the doors. And of course there was Ms. Mauserbain, the legend. She was the reason to take art (and, for some, the reason not to), because every class was guaranteed to be interesting. My freshman and sophomore years are filled with some great memories from that class that you just had to be there to understand.

It’s ironic that I took art for three years, and after I was done, they opened the new fancy art building. Now I need to make up excuses to hang out in the cool new building, even though I’m not taking any classes there. I really wish I had more classes in my schedule so I could be in Jazz Band and Photography and Moviemaking, because from what I’ve heard, those are some pretty chill classes too.

So if you’re a freshman or sophomore or even junior, take a few creative arts classes. Definitely worth it. You won’t have to take any tests or write any essays, and you’ll probably make some new friends too.

Although the arts are more about the experience of taking the class than the end result, here’s some work from AP Art:

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