DIY bodycon skirt from a shirt

By Maya Singhal

The bodycon trend has been really big for a while now. You see bodycon skirts on just about everyone, but they are also really easy to make! Save yourself some money, impress your friends, and do it yourself!

Things you will need:

A bodycon skirt that fits you to use as a pattern

A shirt made of a stretchy material that is big enough to fit the widest part of your hips with about two inches or more to spare and is as long as you want your skirt (not including the neckline)

1. Line up the hems of the skirt and the shirt. Make sure all the edges match exactly!

2. Cut around the skirt, leaving about an inch around the outside for seam allowance. Make sure you are cutting through BOTH sides of the shirt.

3. Turn the material inside out and pin the two pieces of shirt together along the lines of the skirt. This will be where you want to sew. When in doubt, make it a little bigger than the skirt depending on how much your shirt will stretch otherwise it might be too tight.

4. Sew along the line made by the pins on both sides.

5. I don’t have a picture of this (sorry!), but measure the widest part of your waist where you want your waistband to go. add a few inches of seam allowance and cut a piece of fabric that is twice as tall as you want your waist band to be using your measurements for length.

6. Fold the waistband in half. Turning your skirt (formerly shirt) right side out, place the waistband along the top of the skirt and pin in place.

7. Sew along the line made by the pins and turn the waistband back upright.

8. Cut off any excess material from your hems and you are done!

NOTE: I did this for a Halloween costume, which is why my material is so outrageously pink. I actually don’t wear pink. Ever. But I made an exception for Halloween. For those who were wondering, I was Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls.

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