Inspiration: gardens

I know it’s not exactly gardening season, but I can dream, can’t I? Recently, I’ve been seeing a ton of cool things for the outdoors, which I thought I’d share.


First of all, there was this awesome painted wall with a window. The window even has shutters, and even though it is completely superfluous, I think it’s still super cool and a nice touch for a garden. Plus, the painted wall would be super easy to do yourself. Just grab a few different colors of paint!


The next one is comprised of two different parts, both things that I’m majorly crushing on.

The first is succulents and cacti. I love them partially because I am not a plant person, and they are really easy to take care of, so we would ostensibly go well together. (I have, however, killed a succulent before, but it took a lot of effort.) I have a small garden of various succulents and cacti growing outside my window, which I got at Home Depot, pre-potted, so they look good without a lot of effort.

Back to the picture, the second thing I love about this is the vertical garden aspect. This is something I’ve seen in a couple different places and love so much! In fact, Refinery 29 did a DIY project on how to make your own vertical garden, as well as how to make a felt pocket garden. This wall seems to have a bit of both going on, and I’d love to try them!

If you decide to do one of these garden DIYs, let me know in the comments below!

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