Why I Can’t Wait for Spring

Legend of KorraMany of you must’ve read the title of this post and wondered why I am so anxious for spring when it’s hardly winter break yet. The simple answer is that winter is not here yet. Winter Is Coming. And Winter Is Coming on March 31st to be precise.

February 13th – Premiere of Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites

The 26th season of Survivor comes to TVs in February. After 25 seasons some may think that the series has gotten stale, but as shown last season, that is far from the case. Survivor: Philippines sure delivered with awesome characters like Abi and Malcolm, the returning medivac players, and the celebrities Lisa Whelchel and Jeff Kent. While it’s hard to take Probst’s word, he has said that Caramoan is supposed to be even better than Philippines, only making me even more excited to see what S: 26 has in store. I’m especially excited to see the Fans vs. Favorites twist play out again considering how the original Fans vs. Favorites was one of the best seasons ever producing some of the best players the series has even seen, and one of the greatest winners ever.

March – Premiere of Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars

Once again, Mark Burnett has managed to create one of the most entertaining reality TV shows on today. While season 5 was a little lackluster, I’m hoping that All Stars will give us the same entertainment value that was present in seasons 3 and 4. The All Stars cast is a little disappointing, neglecting some of the best characters the series has to offer (WHERE IS NENE LEAKES??), but I still think that the All Stars are good enough to produce a pretty good season. I’ve seen All Stars seasons work on other reality shows, and I’m really hoping that the Apprentice will make it work as well. While there is not an official premiere date yet, Trump has indicated that it will most likely be a March premiere.

March 31st – Premiere of Game of Thrones Season 3

Season 3 will be a huge moment in the television series. A Storm of Swords, the third book in the series which Game of Thrones is based on, is generally considered the best in the series and if the the producers of the series can properly adapt it to the small screen, it would be an epic spectacle. Season 2 was known for straying from the books a bit more than the first season, and so I’m curious to see whether that trend will continue, or if the writers will find enough to draw from in Martin’s 1200 page volume. Of everything, I’m most looking forward to my screen once again being graced by the presence of the moon of my life, my khaleesi, Daenerys.

April – Premiere of The Legend of Korra Season 2

I have such love for this show. I know that I’m way too old to be waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, but I will happily break that rule for this show. Let me explain, I was a huge fan of the original series, Avatar: The Last Airbender when I was in elementary and middle school. I just loved the mix of action, comedy, and drama that no other cartoon series has ever been able to pull off before. Then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Then, 3 years after the end of the original series, the creators announced that they were going to create a spin-off. I was a little anxious, wondering how exactly they would pull it off and whether or not the spin-off would detract from the original. Thankfully, the spin-off, The Legend of Korra, is absolutely fantastic. The pacing is a little faster, and it deals with some darker themes, as the creators wisely chose to accommodate to the audience of the original series. The Legend of Korra is every bit as brilliant as the original and I’m counting down the days until season 2, ambiguously titled “Book 2: Spirits.”

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