Fall Fashion Swaps


It’s finally fall, which means one thing that is very exciting for me: fall fashion. However, when the weather gets cold and school starts heating up, it can be hard to choose cute outfits in the morning. Here, we have some easy swaps, little changes you can make in your wardrobe to elevate your look just a little bit this fall.

First, we have Uggs, the staple of most Menlo girls’ wardrobes. Boots are super warm, but instead of Uggs, go for knee-high boots and fuzzy socks, paired with your stretchiest jeans, a simple button up and a statement jacket.



Everyone loves a sweatshirt, but you can get the same lazy day, cozy feeling from an oversized cardigan. Add jeans, boots, and a loose top for comfort and style.



Finally, yoga pants are another Menlo staple, but they can be a little overdone. Instead, choose fleece-lined tights under a cute skirt for a warm, but still cute look. Hint: for you short girls out there, having shoes the same color as your tights can make you look a lot taller.



Finally, here’s a look for the guys. Instead of Sperry’s, choose a desert boot, and pair it with your favorite jeans, a checkered button down and a cargo jacket. Why shouldn’t guys have a fashionable fall, too?



Of course fashion is not the most important thing in your life, but everyone likes to have days where they feel like they are rocking their looks, and those days are easier to come by than you might think. If you decide to try any of these swaps, let us know in the comments below.

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