The Return of The Most Popular Girls



Last Tuesday, the third season of everyone’s favorite Barbie version of Bad Girls Club premiered on Youtube. The Most Popular Girls in School is a show that I blogged about a year ago, and it has only gotten better since then. The third season premiere was absolutely THE episode for fans of the series to watch. With tons of references and in-jokes along with drama that begins to rival season one, season three is off to an extremely strong start.

While the past two seasons (especially the first season) have treated viewers to crass dialogue, excellent voice acting, and absolutely ridiculous storytelling, they left the viewers with tons of questions about the series. I am happy to report that season three intends to answer all of those questions.

Season three has already made good on this intention by properly introducing the audience to the character of Jenna Darabond. Jenna, who has been absent for the past two seasons actually turns out to be the mastermind of the “sh**storm” that has been the cheerleaders’ lives. Because she holds a grudge against so many of the cheerleaders, she mobilized both Van Buren family and the Atchison Cheer Squad over the past two seasons. However, most notably, SHE let Deandra in the girls bathroom and told Deandra that her name was Ashley Katchadourian.

This season is going to be huge, and both the characters and the audience know it. In the words of the evil, evil, Jenna Darabond “the sh**storm is only just beginning.”

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