Burka Avenger

Pakistan has a new superhero for children to look up to: the Burka Avenger. The Burka Avenger uses a burka as her superhero costume to cover up the fact that really she is a mild-mannered school teacher. She fights with books and uses her opponents’ aggression against them to stop the bad guys from closing the girls’ school. This show is a little silly, as it is made for children, but the message is so important: everyone, both boys and girls, needs education. And in Pakistan, this is an issue that is very real, as the Taliban has blown up many schools in the country due to their opposition of women’s education. If you still aren’t convinced about this show’s awesomeness, there are lots of catchy songs thrown in throughout.

Check out the English language trailer here:

And if you want to watch the show, check out the first episode here:

There has not been a second episode yet, but I’m hoping they will make one because this is amazing.

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