Beyond Comic Sans

Why do your math teachers use Comic Sans? Possibly because they think it makes math seem more fun. Comic Sans is a sans-serifed font, which, according to this post on Medium, makes whatever you’re writing seem more fun and informal. (Fun fact: Stanley Kubrick loved sans-serifed fonts. His favorite was Futura, which he famously used in 2001: Space Odyssey.) Although it is long, I highly recommend reading the Medium post for more on how to format text to make your readers happier. I know we’ll be using it for our Bard issues!

In other font-related topics, check out the documentary Helvetica on Netflix to learn more about the history of the famous font, which is apparently associated in many people’s minds with the government because it is used in tax documents. Who knew!

Let us know what you think about fonts and more in the comments.

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