Coup de Blog

Hello! It’s Scott here, and I’m overthrowing the illustrious Hunter Brown as Bard’s blog editor. Have fun at college, Hunter, you’ve been awe-worthy!

I’m pumped to manage the site and get the word out to you all about all sorts of opinions from Menlo students, in addition to my own. It’s the Bard’s belief that voice makes matters matter. When we let our opinions ring, that’s when conversation happens. While war and disaster may disrupt the world and provoke us to adapt, it all comes down to conflict. And conversation is a controlled conflict where we can adapt yet coexist, ain’t it?

So comment! I hope Menlo kids will talk about why they agree or disagree on the articles myself and other Bard bloggers will post. If you want a topic to be featured, or if you want to write an article, please email me.

Anyways, a lot of my opinions rotate around not just current events, but books! Readers, non-readers, get ready- you’re about to read a bunch more.

I’ll see ya real soon with two book reviews about James Baldwin’s “Giovanni’s Room” (genius prose, Paris, American identity, conflicting sexualities!!) as well as Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle,” a wacky, oh-my-gosh sarcastic political sic-fi classic.

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