I went to Bulgaria

I’m Katherine and I’m a Junior. I took these pictures in Bulgaria in August 2014. This was my first time to Bulgaria, even though my dad was born there. My dad left when he was eight years old, and has always vowed to never go back. He stayed in California while I spent the week in a small, slowly developing Eastern European country with my 18-year-old brother and my 80-something year old step-grandmother and grandfather.

My brother was bored to death, butI found myself soaking up the culture and the fading history that only people like my grandfather can remember. We passed the time with slow walks through Sofia and Plovdiv, visits to old (emphasis on the old) friends of my grandparents, checking on the numerous statuesmy grandfather has placed in parks and city streets, and eating meat. A lot of meat. And cheese.

The things I found most awesome were the stray cats, the beautiful monasteries, and the houses of my relatives that have been passed down through our generations for over 300 years.



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