What in the world is UP?

Hey guys, my name is Atreya Iyer, and like many on the Bard, I am a freshman. Recently, I have been getting into How I Met Your Mother, and I have also begun to gain some of the characters’ attributes, namely Barney Stinson. Not only is Neil Patrick Harris a brilliant actor, his character has a few admirable traits. So a few of them I have gained happen to be: zoning out, adjusting my collar/tie in order to look cool, saying wait for it, and then using long dramatic pauses to make to make stupid things I say sound, well, even stupider, and of course, womanizing (I wish the last one was true). In addition to loving TV shows, I love music as well. I play the bass, electric bass, an Indian percussion¬†instrument called the tabla, and a tad of guitar and drums. In my list of favorite songs, there are multiple OST’s, and a whole ton of dubstep/house.

Thanks for listening to

Wait for it…


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