Who Me?

Helena: Dark hair, Neat handwriting, Menlo Knight, Class of ’15, um….

It’s hard to describe yourself. So instead of attempting to describe myself while not being too egoistical or modest AND ultimately failing; here are a few random facts about me so you can make your own opinion.

1. I love to read.

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Especially when I, as a teenager, tells an adult that I love to read and then they give me that, “ha ha very funny” expression that tell me that they don’t believe a word I say. But the worse bit is after reading, experiencing emotional trauma at the hands of ink and paper to realize that everyone is still carrying on with their lives.

2. I love art

In freshman rotation, the art teacher, Nina offered to let me skip basic Art and take Advanced Art in sophomore year, so I jumped at it. It’s one of my favorite classes now and there is just something different about leaving class as a walking piece of art with paint and ink smudged all over you.

3. I play tennis

There is a crazy notion out there that artist and athletes do not mix. This is absolutely wrong. I made the girls’ varsity tennis team as freshman and I’ve loved being on the team ever since. With the best coach, Bill, and all the girls on the team, it’s hard not to enjoy the team spirit.

 4. I am a fangirl.

I’m actually below average for a fangirl, I don’t do the whole squealing and screaming, but I’m have my fandoms, slight obsessions, and my ships.  It’s a terrible habit though, to get emotionally attached to something that either doesn’t exist or doesn’t know you exist.

 5. I quote/reference things. 

If there is one thing you should know, my everyday conversation is usually filled with quotes/references from people/books/movies/music/etc. that I love. Most people don’t really pick them up, they just think I’m a little weird, but it’s pretty nice to see those who do get them!

So see you around!

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