Who Me? Part II: The B Is Back

A few years ago, I made a Who Me? introduction post and if you are still interested in the idyllic pre-APUSH sophomore Helena, you can still read that here.

But now, of course, you are left with the tired, half-asleep, finals cramming, APUSH veteran, end-of-junior-year Helena.


Yes. Nice to see you too blog, because I am back. As newly appointed Editor-in-Chief, I too will also be posting here time to time along with Scott, and likely you will be hearing form me not only on the quarterly issue when the magazine comes out.

So here are some updates since my last pos (aka my very first post):

21079891-65f0-4688-91d1-eab64f816077This is basically what I’ve been going through for the last few months as a junior. I don’t think there really is any better way to describe the horror in a cutesy way.

Since my sophomore year, I have:

1. Gained a love for Breakfast at Tiffany’s…I know, it’s silly Fred darling.

2. Survived through APUSH…but I still don’t know what “chair is worth a song” means.

3. Been compared to Cathy Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights…I don’t think that is a good thing.

4. Tried for a period of time to get into the habit of drinking coffee…I failed.

5. Memorized Vivamus, mea Lesbia, atque amemus just this past weekend.

So now I’m back and ready to go. Expect to see me around again some time soon. And check out our newest issue!



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