Big Brother is Back!!


While I’ve been away in Spain, Big Brother 15 has taken off!! While I’ve been much more of a Survivor fan my whole life, the past year I’ve gotten much more into Big Brother. The characters are better and the game itself is better. I’m much more captivated by the subtle gameplay of Big Brother than I have been by the slow moving Survivor style.

Big Brother 15 has made quite a few notable changes from previous seasons. First of all, the season started with 16 contestants (as compared to the normal 14) and will be the longest season ever, trapping the contestants in the house for 90 days. The more important twist, however, has been the addition of the BB MVP, a player that America votes for each week. The player that America votes for, the MVP, gets the power to anonymously place a third houseguest up for eviction. In other words: a LOT of power.

There’s been some controversy about some of the offensive things that houseguests have said on the live feeds, but the fact that a significant portion of the house has been too stupid to realize that they’ve been offensive has been drama-inducing and quite entertaining.

The addition of the MVP has added mass hysteria to the house, and even more dramatic have been the weeks where America has been its own MVP, directly nominating a houseguest for eviction. Only 5 people have left the house so far, meaning that we have a long ways to go, but the season has been great so far. Much better than the past 3 seasons, and much better than the trainwreck that was Big Brother Canada. I can’t wait to see which alliances crumble and which ones triumph as the rest of the season unfolds (go Mom Squad!!).


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