Ender’s Game


I recently just finished reading Ender’s Game for the first time, and am very excited to see the movie. As someone who is a huge fan of movies, I’m very impressed by the cast the movie has and I sincerely hope that with all the talent going into the project that the movie will be able to succeed. The book, albeit written for an audience slightly younger than I am, was actually quite captivating. I do not usually read a lot of science fiction, but the action flowed very well and I genuinely cared about what was happening. While I don’t like the sensation of having “other people’s images in my head,” I really do hope that the movie can accurately represent the book and present something worthy of the original text.

While there has been a lot of excitement, especially from other kids my age who have read the book, there has also been a fair share of controversy. Orson Scott Card, the author of the novel, has been very vocal in his opposition to same-sex marriage. This has led to a large group of fans of the book protesting seeing the movie. In turn, Card has complained about these people “not accepting,” his views on same-sex marriage.

While I’ve been very excited to see the movie, I completely disagree with Card’s personal views and have a hard time swallowing the fact that seeing the movie would be putting money in his wallet.


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