Check out this Movie!!


The movie, Mud, starring Tye Sheridan and Matthew McConaughey has just been released on DVD. The film is a story about two young boys who find a man living in a washed up boat.

The film did not get a ton of attention while it was in theaters, but it was received very well. I haven’t made it out to see many movies in theaters this year, but Mud was one that I made sure to go see. It is an absolutely amazing film. As someone who is a fan of anything southern-gothic, I really liked the film’s style.

I think the highlights of the film for me were the acting and the cinematography. Matthew McConaughey has received a ton of praise for his role as the dark and enigmatic Mud, but I believe that the best performance was given by teenage Tye Sheridan. His role was much more emotionally demanding than McConaughey’s and he really sold me from every angle. I hope that come awards season that he is given his just praise, as his acting was some of the most impressive acting I’ve ever seen, especially coming from a child actor. As far as the cinematography goes, Mud is a very visually appealing movie, very beautiful to look at. I think that the movie did a really great job capturing the southern background, perfectly showcasing all the lakes, forests, and beaches.

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