Why Jersey Shore Was Once Worth Watching


A lot have people have told me that Jersey Shore is absolute garbage. If I ask them, “have you ever seen an episode?” they will always say no. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the show myself. However, I once was a loyal, fist-pumping fan. Why the change? The show changed over time.

Back in 2009, Jersey Shore hit our TVs and instantly sparked controversy. At this point in time, I viewed the show as crass and completely immature. It wasn’t until a friend of mine made me watch an episode that I actually gave the show a chance. To my surprise, the show was about more than just drinking and lowest-common denominator laughs. It definitely wasn’t the greatest television in the world, but it had it’s moments where it genuinely made me laugh. In the first few seasons, the show focused more on the relationships between the cast members and the relationships that they had with people outside of the house as well. We saw the cast genuinely struggle to remain a “family,” through harsh fights. It was interesting to viewers because there were great villains on the show such as Ronnie, Sammi, and Angelina, who were balanced out by Jwoww and Snooki. Audiences could be genuinely invested in the characters. This was always balanced out by a few comic relief moments. The time that Snooki and Jwoww accidently exploded the internal organs of a Lobster by putting it in fresh water? Hilarious. When Pauly D had a stalker following him around for an entire season? Awesome.

It was crass and stupid, but it was at least funny and the characters were at least likable. The show really started going downhill shortly after the beginning of season 3. The exact moment where the show “jumped the shark,” can be pinpointed to the moment that received the most press: Snooki’s arrest. The episode, “Where’s the Beach?” where a depressed Snooki drinks herself into a stupor, runs on the beach yelling “Where’s the Beach?” and then proceeds to get arrested is one of the funniest episodes in the entire series. However, it is probably the last episode that is enjoyable to watch. After this episode aired, the producers kept trying to create some drama to top that episode. It absolutely could not be done. Instead of a show that had a lot of funny moments and moments where the cast genuinely talked with each other and with people outside of the house, the show was melodramatic and seemed to lack any sense of purpose. I finished season three, but that was as much as I could handle. Halfway through the six-season series, I quit watching. It was no longer the stupid and lighthearted show that I could trust to put a smile on my face. When watching, I just wanted to frown.

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