“Uh” -Tina Belcher

Howdy partners. I’m Riya, your writing editor. How’s your summer going? Great? Good. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for me to introduce myself with a blog post, so here we go.
My spirit animal is a cross between a cat, a sloth, and a wolf (see April Ludgate below).

I like movies a lot (when I’m feeling pretentious I say “films”). My favorites are probably American Beauty, Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, and Requiem for a Dream. Which lunatic has just ONE favorite movie?
I like to read- Margaret Atwood, Sylvia Plath, and David Sedaris are my eternal loves.
Out of all the things I like and love, I love to write the most. Writing keeps me sane. So do Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups. I love those too.
I absolutely abhor sports so don’t ask me how I’m getting my PE credits because I will dissolve into a puddle of tears and you will regret it.

I’m a fiery feminist and queer activist (basically I rant a lot on facebook and many straight boys get upset). Laverne Cox is my idol.
My favorite TV shows are Orange is the New Black (the best ever), Parks and Rec (if you can’t tell), and Bob’s Burgers (don’t ask, just watch).
I also cannot live without music. My taste ranges from Erik Satie to Alt-J, and I listen to a lot of soundtracks from movies that I like (see American Beauty).
Anyway, that’s all about me. Keep swaggin’ and have a fabulous summer.


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